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A shawm for Frank/ eine Schalmei für Frank

Organisiert für Frank Rodriguez

Dear friends!


My name is Frank and I am writing to you from Havana, Cuba.

The reason for this campaign is to help my big dream to come true.

For a long time already I have been working in the field of Early Music, singing and also playing wind instruments. And it is actually a special wind instrument that my dream is about:

I would love to buy a renaissance shawm, so I can play music from that period in a historical informed way. I already found the model, that I would like. It's the Salamanca model made by Wolfgang Kube. It costs 960€. I have already managed to gather 460€, so there are still 500€ missing.

I am asking for help, because Cuba is a third world country, where accumulating a sum like this is a utopia.

If somebody would like to help me, even just a small amount will help enormously!

The donations are going to my friend Nora Hansen who will then buy the instrument for me.

Many thanks to everybody who was so kind to read this message. Kind regards and blessings from this side of the ocean.





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