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Organised for: 50% to Heads Together, 50% to a charity chosen by a person who donates.

Hello everyone & welcome to this charity pot!

Jesse Lee and Tim Whincup are challenging themselves to run the distance of the days of May throughout the month (e.g. 1st day they'll run 1km, 2nd - 2km to the 31st running 31km).

The aim is to highlight how exercise (however big or small - whether it's 1 or 31 kilometers) can positively impact mental health, a global concern for everyone in the current situation. This challenge will be managed alongside new full time roles at a major food supplier as part of a rotational graduate scheme.

50% of the proceeds will go to the Heads Together Campaign which works with several charities which aim to create positive conversations around mental health and wellbeing.

The remaining 50% will go to a charity of your choosing. Simply put your chosen charity in a message to one of us and we will randomly draw a charity at the end of the month.

Please feel free to contribute as little or as large as you wish. All people who donate will be entered into the draw!

To follow their progress and no doubt suffering then give @31maydays on instagram a look up! :D

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