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12 week round the rock challenge - proceeds to Autism Support Group

Organisé pour : Kaira Sene

Hi my name is Kaira Sene,

I am an avid sportsleader and sportswoman. I coach youngsters and women alike. Through the sports summer program, i had the luck to meet a number of amazing autistic kids and fell in love with them. At the same time, i was also made accutely aware, how many obstacles they experienced in their day to day lives. Not only them, but the lives of their parents and/or carers too. Since then ive always wanted to do something for them in return for how these amazing children made me feel. Ive now decided to try to collect as much funds as possible towards them, in return i will be doing a once a week round the rock challenge for 12 weeks. I am an incredibly busy woman juggling both my full time work and my volunteer coaching sessions, but it will be a pleasure in trying to help these beautiful kids. I ask you to donate as much or as little as you can. Anything is much appreciated.


Thank you so much! lots of love Kaira! 

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Kaira Sene

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Le 22 juin 2018
Nat Perez-Muldoon
Well done chic!
Le 21 juin 2018
Helena King
You are an inspiration lady xxxx
Le 21 juin 2018
Kelly Trico López
Well done! Great iniciative xx
Le 21 juin 2018
Laura Shanahan
You absolute legend Kaira! Will miss seeing you this summer. Jeff xx
Le 15 juin 2018
Pei Ching Eh
Good job Kaira. It's very thoughtful and hope the love will reach many more kids.
Le 4 juin 2018
Mary Webb
Great work Kaira - always helping others and with a smile on you face. You should be truly proud of yourself 😘
Le 23 mai 2018
Michelle Reid-Hay
Awesome young lady wish I could have done one walk round the Rock x
Le 20 mai 2018
Zainya Reyes
Keep up the great work !
Le 17 mai 2018
Antonella Coll
Great cause xx
Le 17 mai 2018
Ray and Valerie Payas
Keep up the good work!