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12 ideas for writing your own book

12 ideas for writing your own book

A good book is a gift bequeathed by the author to the human race.

If you dream of becoming a writer, writing and publishing your book, but can't decide what to write about, these simple tips will help you decide on a topic. Once upon a time I also had no experience, but now I work at the best essay writing service.

1. Describe an interesting (funny, sad, mysterious, tragic, fantastic) story from your life.

2. Retell a story that happened to your family or friends, and their story touched you personally.

3. Have you ever fallen in love? Describe your love story. It depends only on you what will come of it - a light love story, a romantic comedy, a drama, a tragedy or an action-packed detective story with elements of mysticism.

4. Describe a story from the life of one of your ancestors that has been passed down from generation to generation in the family.

5. Tell us about your travels. It does not matter whether it is a walk in your hometown, a mushroom picking, a descent on a kayak or a trip to a distant foreign country - each trip is a vivid emotion that you can safely share with your readers.

6. Tell us about your pets, encounters with wildlife, vivid natural phenomena, or what quietly accompanies every day of your life.

7. Share the knowledge in which you have personally achieved mastery and success. It can be both the secrets of the profession, business, science, and your hobbies, home economics, creativity. Whatever business you are engaged in, there are thousands if not millions of people to whom your experience and knowledge can be interesting and useful.

8. If you love and know how to draw, try drawing a comic strip or illustrating a famous work. In order not to have problems with obtaining copyright for the publication, take the works of classics or from folk art as a basis.

9. If you managed to independently get rid of a tormenting ailment, lose weight or, on the contrary, gain it, improve your physical shape, increase immunity, overcome some psychological problems (fear of acquaintance, public speaking, stuttering, phobias, etc.) tell us about how you came to this technique and describe it in detail - perhaps it is your book that will become someone's irreplaceable assistant in solving similar problems in their lives.

10. Create your family's pedigree. Tell about all relatives you know anything about. Use photos and family documents as illustrations. Working on such a book will help not only to better know the history of your family, but also to establish relationships with relatives, contact with whom was once lost, and even to find new relatives, about whom nothing was previously known. Such a book will become a wonderful memory of you for many generations of descendants, and will also be of interest to other people engaged in genealogical research and search.

11. Describe your biggest dream in maximum detail and vividly as if it has become a reality. But be careful, dreams tend to come true.

12. Tell people about your nightmare or what you fear most. Expand this topic and come up with a happy ending.

In fact, there are many more topics for writing a book, you just need to show a little imagination. Almost everyone can find an area in which he can leave a bright mark both for his loved ones and for all of humanity. You just need to believe in yourself and not stop halfway. The process of writing a good book is not quick, it can take months or even years, but once the book is finished, you will rise even in your own eyes.

And don't forget about those for whom you are writing your book. Think about what knowledge, emotion, feeling, or experience you want to convey to your reader. A writer becomes a writer only when his works are read.

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