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100 trees legacy

Organisé pour : Dr Christiaan Spronk's legacy

Hello everyone & welcome to this project!

Dr Christiaan Spronk, our very dear friend, was a nature enthusiast and investor. Chris had enormous passion for conserving the environment with a solid vision of how to make this world a better and liveable place for humanity. In one of our last brainstorming email, in January 2018, Chris wanted to invest €1000 to donate 100 Growboxx trees to help the environment and lives of refugees in Wadi Vera,  Jordan. We would like to bring his idea to life by donating 100 trees to be planted, making this project his growing legacy for a more loving, selfless and humanitarian world. We will name the plantation site after him.

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Katalin Osz

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Le 22 mars 2018
EUR ING Fotis Georgatos
In memoriam Chris Spronk, our dear friend.
Le 18 mars 2018
Kamilla Woldike Breum
This donation is from the funeral collection 17/3. Thank you everyone who donated to Chris’ legacy forest. With love Even if the initial goal of 1000€ has now been reached it is still possible to keep donating and to help us plant even more trees for Chris.
Le 18 mars 2018
Reinhard Gress
wishing you all the best, turning your Gaia back to the wonderful life giving place it can be. should you or your loved ones have health concerns, please see: love & resonance Reinhard
Le 17 mars 2018
Jack Regan
For Chris
Le 14 mars 2018
Laura Jasenaite
Miss you, Chris. Thanks to organisers for this initiative. Laura
Le 14 mars 2018
Marc Cornelese
Dear Chris, It has been an honor to have known you. Even though I have only know you for a ahort time, you have made an everlasting impression. I will not attend your funeral, but I will donate to this great project instead. I know how involved you where in creating a better future. So I hope we can make this your legacy. I will miss you.
Le 12 mars 2018
Katalin Osz
I will miss our walk&talk brainstorming sessions but your passion and thought for creating a better world will grow further in 100 trees and 1000 plants!