With Leetchi.com, you can rally support for your favourite animals. Use an online money pot to collect donations for animal rescue or other animal cause. They need you!


Create and personalise your animal care money pot in a couple of clicks


Ask as many people as possible to make donations and support your cause


Use donations online to buy food or make a bank transfer to a charity.

On animal projects!

For animal rescue, raising awareness or rebuilding natural habitats

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It's not only about saving whales and other exotic animals. It's also about helping pets around you. I simply wanted to raise some money to help my neighbor, an old lady who lives on my road, pay her dog's vet bills. This dog is her true companion and means a world to her. In just a couple weeks, all the neighbors chipped in and now her dog is back to health!


Choose how to spend your donations


Spend the money pot for free on one of our partner sites.

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Give the money raised directly to cause or charity you want to help.

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Give the money pot

Personalise the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

Fees from just 2.9%*

Get the money raised transferred to a bank account:

  • 2.9% fee if amount over £2000
  • 4% fee if under £2000
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Request a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get money in your bank account within 48h (2 working days)

Monitor and manage your animal fundraising

Via your computer or directly on your phone

What exactly is an 'animal aid money pot'?

Everyone loves animals and lots of people are more happy to give to animal aid or rescue. If you want to raise funds for a particular animal cause or charity, Leetchi.com is an ideal platform for collecting donations. It's easy to set up a money pot and even easier for to people to make donations online. If you care, donate to to help animals in need!

Why create an 'animal care money pot'?


It's fast and easy to create your animal money pot - you'll be ready to start fundraising in just a couple of clicks.


Make the most of email and social media to spread the word far and wide about your animal project.


There are no surprises - it's free to spend it on partner sites. There's a 2.9-4% fee for a transfer to a bank account.


Personalise your animal money pot by add your own images and text. Be visual and clear about your project.


Leetchi.com guarantees that all animal donations will be fully protected by our secure payment system. We hold an E-Money license.


You can manage your money pot wherever you are. The same goes for contributors, they can make donations on the go, on their laptops or phones.

Questions? Simply email us on help@leetchi.com or call us on +44 20 8068 2189.

Create your money pot

Create your money pot

Leetchi.com is here to accompany all your projects, events and group gifts it's an effective way to raise money online. You could also use the site to host a online money box to store savings for an exotic holiday or important project.