Create a money pot for a friend's birthday


Ask your friends to contribute


Spend the money pot for free on a partner site or ask for a bank transfer (4% commission)


Give your friend an unforgettable group gift.

Leetchi experiences

"For Sam's 30th birthday we gave him the iPad he'd been going on about for ages. Using Leetchi it's was really easy to collect contributions even though people were scattered all over the world."


Buy exactly what you want


Spend your money pot for free (and in as many goes as you like) on our partner sites.

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Give the money pot directly to the lucky recipient and let them decide how to spend it.

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Give the money pot

Personalise the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

4 %

Get the money pot tranferred to your bank account (4% commission)

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Ask for a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get the money in your account within 48h (working days)

Manage your birthday money pot

Via your computer or directly on your phone