How does it work?

Simple and transparent pricing

  • Free to create your money pot
  • No commission on contributions
  • 100% service if you spend the money pot on our partner sites
  • The cheapest "money pot" on the market

100% free way to give

Create your money pot


Contributors chip in


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Spend your money pot for free on numerous partner sites

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Bank transfer

  • 2.9% commission for money pots over €2000
  • 4% commission for money pots under €2000

Why is there a commission?

It covers the cost of the transfer and managing your money pot.

The cheapest "money pot" on the market

For example:

It's Sarah's birthday and 20 of her friends have chipped in to collect €300.

  • If you use the money pot on a partner site you'll have the full €300 to spend!
  • If you ask us for bank transfer you'll have €288 euros.
  • On other collective payment sites, you'd get between €284 and €286 euros to spend.

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